Orders must be placed before 11:59 pm on Friday for delivery the following Monday

Food Instructions

Food Instructions

Please follow the instructions below when consuming our snacks, beverages and meals

Juices need to be kept cold and used within 24 hours for optimal nutritional benefits. Please shake before using.
Nut milk needs to be kept cold and shake before drinking. Nut milk can be warmed gently in saucepan, if desired.
Kombucha is alive! Please keep cold, open carefully as it may be full of bubbles, and never ever shake. You most likely should strain the yeasty bits that collect at the bottom of the bottle. They are a bit of a surprise if they go up your straw…yikes!

All squares, brownies, muffins and cookies are best kept refrigerated or frozen.
Dehydrated snacks do not need to be kept cold. They are shelf stable and just get crunchier over time

Please store in refrigerator and best eaten chilled. If the sauce becomes thick, stir in a small amount of warm water.

All of our clear containers and clear snack bags are compostable. They need to be composted at the City of Yellowknife facility as backyard composters do not generate enough heat to disintegrate the containers.
Please return the mason jars, so they can be sterilized and reused.