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Kitchen Classes:
Design Your Own Cooking Class!!!

Do you have a group of friends interested in exploring a new way of healthy eating? Let’s talk.

I am happy to design a cooking class to meet your group’s area of interest.
Previous groups focus on either a topic or a cuisine they would like to learn about, for example “Feeding yourself during cancer treatment”, or” Heart Health” or “Hormone Balancing” or “Eat to Beat Stress” or cuisines like Vegan, Mexican or Greek or lunches or soups or festive appetizers or chocolate desserts.

Remember cooking classes are a great way to celebrate birthday, anniversary or retirement.

Group size: 5 to 7 in Zing! Kitchen. Groups have rented other kitchens, such as Baker Centre kitchen for larger groups or I have used the “boss’s house” for corporate-related cooking class/party
Cost depends on group size, type of food & location
Email directly with requests using our contact page.

Public Kitchen Classes
Classes in the Zing Kitchen offer participants the opportunity to learn, prepare and taste the featured types of foods.

There are different types of classes, those that focus on developing new culinary skills or classes that focus on exploring new recipes.

All food used in class is gluten, dairy, egg-free and plant-based.

Classes are delivered in groups of 6 to 7 participants
Cost: $85.00 per 2-hour class.
Preregistration is required for all classes
Sign up for notification of future classes by joining the Zing! mail list.

Juice Fasting: Juice Feasting Program

Many times, we wonder if we need to cleanse or fast to improve our well being. Many times, we wonder if we can cleanse using changes to our diet. More often we ask ourselves, how would I go about doing this?

  • Rest your body, organs, glands and nervous system
  • Purify the body, clear the mind and move emotional energy
  • Rejuvenate (regenerate) and energize your whole being.

A juice fast is a challenge for most people, and can feel overwhelming at first as it is definitely a learning curve.  Support and supervision give the guidance many people need to embark on this journey toward health.

Programs include:

  • Introductory meeting (face to face)
  • Pre juice fast meeting (face to face or phone)
  • Breaking the fast meeting (face to face or phone)
  • Email and telephone contact as questions arise

Individual cost: $175.00 + GST

Discounts when additional family members participate

Group program (minimum 4 participants): $120.00 each

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