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Embrace the Wonderful World of Tofu!

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Embrace the Wonderful World of Tofu!


Embrace the Wonderful World of Tofu!

  • Are” boring” and “bland” your descriptors for tofu? 
  • See it listed in recipes but unsure which type of tofu to buy?
  • Are you confused by the whole soy debate – is it healthy? Isn’t it healthy?

Tofu or soy bean curd can be a tasty accent in a meal. This soy bean product is rich in both protein, calcium & phytoestrogens, plus less expensive than other protein sources. Used wisely tofu will reflect any texture or flavor that is desired in a dish.

We will be reviewing the pros & cons of soy in the diet, the many types of tofu available, and practice making a savory, sweet dishes plus learning the best egg alternative recipe ever!!!

All recipes are gluten-dairy-egg free plant based

Date:  Sunday April 14, 2024

Time: 2-4 pm

Cost: $ 85.00 + 4.25 gst

Need minimum 5 people to hold the class…so bring a friend!